Pain and Perseverance: Unlocking the Secrets of Body Resilience w Dr Tom Walters

EP 122. Dr Tom Walters

Pain and Perseverance: Unlocking the Secrets of Body Resilience w Dr Tom Walters

Headaches, migraine, back, neck or joint pain… chances are you’ve experienced some type of pain in your life. Pain that comes and goes and pain that sometimes sticks around a little longer than we’d all like.

Learning to understand pain, what to do when we feel pain, what is good for our body and how we can manage pain is a crucial part of life because chances are, you’ll experience it again down the track.

In this episode, I had the pleasure of chatting with Physical Therapist Dr Tom Walters, creator of the biggest physical therapy social media platforms in the world  @RehabScience  about understanding pain and how we can move through it.

We also discuss:

– Practical ways to improve movement and motor control.

– The ‘minimum effective dose’ of exercise for those finding it hard to stay active

– Why resistance training is crucial for long-term health

– How even small steps can make a significant difference.

This is a must-listen for anyone seeking to lead a pain-free and active life.

Where to find Tom:

Instagram: @rehabscience



You Tube  @RehabScience 

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