12DOQ- 7) If you’re not exercising regularly, don’t expect your life to work. Period.

‘If you’re not exercising regularly, don’t expect your life to work’

Thank you to Rob Nelson for sending through this quote as I had so much fun diving into this and the work of Peter Crone!

🤔 Why does Peter Crone say, this?

What profound impacts does exercise have on our physical, mental, and emotional well-being?

And how can shifting your mindset turn exercise from a dreaded chore into a source of joy and balance?

💡 We tackle these intriguing questions, confront common obstacles to regular exercise, and offer practical tips for integrating fitness into your busy life.

Plus, we’ll uncover how a simple change in perspective can help not just your workout routine, but your entire approach to life’s challenges.

🎧 Tune in for an episode filled with insights, expert opinions, and empowering advice that might just change the way you think about exercise and its role in your life.

Get inspired to move more, live better, and think differently. Your journey to mind-body harmony starts here!

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