8. MATT JONES – How To Protect Your Back From Injury

8. MATT JONES – How To Protect Your Back From Injury

“Neutral spine,” “suck your belly button in,” are terms you often hear, but are they doing more damage than good?
Today, Matt Jones, Founder and Head Coach of ISOHEALTH ( Australia’s leading self defence and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu academy) chats with me all things spine related. A Strength and Conditioning Coach and Spine Specialist, Matt spent 3 years as a clinical consultant at The International Spine Centre in Adelaide. Hired by Australia’s elite organisations from law enforcement, to top professional sporting teams in the NBL and AFL, Matt shares his life changing injury, how to achieve optimal spinal alignment, the importance of breathing, common misconceptions and so much more..

Matt is always dropping knowledge bombs and today he gives you practical tips you can apply to your everyday life.


2:46 – A life changing event

5:00 – family influences

6:20 – a change in career goals

12:30 – what is a spine consultant

12:50 – The manual therapy rockstar….

14:10 – How do we protect our spine from every day habits

17:10 – Most common habits that compromise the spine

21:20 – Flexion – a big problem and what about extension?

25:20 – Most common spinal injury

25:39 – One BIG problem

33:40 – The different breaths and contraction patterns

35:30 – Where to start with body awareness

38:30 – training elite athletes and there difference…

45:14 – What does ISOHEALTH mean?

46:00 – What is good spinal mobility?

48:50 – The answer is in…

50:10 – External feedback – what do we need to change?

1″01:00 – What should we do/train for optimal spinal alignment

1:02:30 – Do you know your deficiency

1:05:20 – Why we are stronger than we think and how do we realise this?

1:07:35 – Should we train strength or movement patterns first?

1:09:40 – You can be strong and have dysfunctions

1:12:00 – The most powerful tool is…

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