7. CAITLIN CADY – Improving Your Life With Wellbeing Meditation

7. CAITLIN CADY – Improving Your Life With Wellbeing Meditation

“I believe you were born to shine that light of yours. And I’m here to remind you of your magic.”

Caitlin’s long road to health and happiness saw her enduring chronic illnesses for over 10 years. Out of pure necessity she dove head first into wellness, yoga and meditation and now she wants to share the power of meditation with others.

Caitlin’s passion for helping others through the power of meditation filters through her book and through the microphone of this interview. We don’t leave a stone unturned and after this interview I have no doubt you’ll be making time to “get sit done.”

We talk about WHY meditation is so powerful and how EASY it is to start, if you give yourself the permission.


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Time Stamp

4:00 – Caitlin’s healing journey with chronic illness

5:30 – The critical piece to healing

6:40 – Chronic disease

8:50 – What is the SYS and PNS and why is it important

10:50 – Meditation stereotypes

13:00 – How long it takes to notice the positive impact of meditation

18:55 Getting used to slowing down

19:30 – Navigating our circumstances

20:48 – Who you are is an evolution

22:00 – Find your edge with meditation

22:30 – My story with meditation

24:40 – Shifting our emotional state through breath

26:30 – Navigating a pandemic

29:30 – When old stuff comes up

31:00 – Common myths about mediation

35:45 – Resistance- how to grow and evolve

38 – Mindfulness and meditation – the distinction

41:30 – What is Yoga Nidra

50:55 – What was encouraging for me and my meditation practice

54:00 – Remarkable research that will convince you to start meditating now

56:30 – The brain change

57:30 – The need to release endorphins

58:20 – The 5 meditations Caitlin recommends to start with

59:50 – Making a smooth start to meditation

1:03:25 – What is a Mantra meditation

1:16:00 – Easy ways to start practising mediation right now

Where to find Caitlin Cady

Website: https://caitlincady.com/

Instagram: @caitlincady

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/caitcady/

Yoga Nidra with Rod Stryker : https://www.glo.com/preview/teachers/rod-stryker

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