6. MARK EVANS – Maintaining A Work Life Balance In Sport

6. MARK EVANS – Maintaining A Work Life Balance In Sport

How do you win back to back premierships?

Sturt Football Club forward Mark Evans, takes us through the highs and lows of a gruelling training schedule, recovery, mindset, injury management and how important team culture and belief is, in winning back to back premierships. All of this is done, whilst managing a demanding full time career.


3:15 – The journey from childhood to an SANFL footy career

5:10 – Footy legends growing up and who influenced his playing style

6:10 – Playing position and transitioning to forward

8:00 – Tactics; the roles players have in a game

9:25 – Backing up a premiership

10:55 – A winning culture

11:15 – Managing footy and a full time job

13:05 – Time management and prioritising

14:50 – Training load – what it looks like

17:54 – Recovery -the club’s structure and individual recovery

19:00 – Recovery after a hard game and the toll on the body

20:40 – Biggest injury setback

23:09 -mindset and injury management

26:06 – Mindset – the challenge of work and the focus on footy

27:30 – Mindset before a hard game/tough opponent

28:25 – mindset at half time when you’re down

29:51 – A pandemic – when you’re fit but you can’t play- how tp keep momentum

32:00 – Tools to help motivation

SANFL Round 1 – June 27th, Adelaide Oval

Central District V Sturt at 11:50am

Eagles V South Adelaide at 2:40pm

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