5. LEE TROOP – Positive Attitude and Sports Performance

5. LEE TROOP – Positive Attitude and Sports Performance

Lee Troop, Australia’s very own marathon legend with personal best times of 2:09:49 and 1:01:00 for a half marathon chats with me about his career highs and lows, what he’s learnt from self coaching, the importance of having a coach and the incredible relationships he’s had with his athletes that have had major success.

Time Stamp:

2:20 – Why running

5:25 – What it takes to be successful

6:20 – Lessons learnt from Steve Moneghetti

15:15 – Running 200km-250km and Recovering

16:50 – Looking back, what would you change?

17:55 – “Not having a coach is where I hurt myself”

24:20 – What makes a successful athlete-coach relationship?

27:30 – Athlete Jon Grey loses battle with depression

34:20 – Learning from Jon

38:15 – Jake Riley’s tumultuous journey to the 2020 Olympic qualifying success

45: 35 – Lee’s recount of Jake’s Olympic qualifying moment

48:30 – Managing olympic qualifying momentum during Covid-19

52:20 – What matters most right now

56:30 – Advice for athletes training for a marathon

59:00 – Advice to all the coaches training athletes

Where to find Lee Troop

Website: https://www.teamboco.com/

Website and training programs: https://marathonguru.com.au/

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