4. ANNA LIPTAK – Valuable Insights On Running A Marathon

4. ANNA LIPTAK – Valuable Insights On Running A Marathon

Anna Liptak takes us on a journey of becoming fit and successful despite all the obstacles. Her incredible journey starts with 2 babies, the pursuit of passion, a humiliating stereotype, sexist remarks and a whole lotta drive to shove it to the doubters. Having built an incredibly successful health and fitness business, she has not only helped women and men achieves their goals, but also helped them to smash their doubts, fears and conquer one of the biggest fitness pursuits one could set out to achieve. Running a marathon.

With 2 successful businesses; His and Her Time Health and Fitness and Adventure Time Travel, Anna has taken on yet another challenge. Documenting the incredible stories of 5 women’s journey to training and running the New York marathon. I am Not A Runner is an ode to every person who has ever thought about running a marathon but has let their doubts get the better of them.

Time Stamp

01:38 – Anna’s background

02:18 – A mothers struggle

05:17 – How to be strong in terms of mental health, physical health, emotional health

08:18 – Running achievements

12:17 – The first Australian that crossed the line.

14:28 – What marathon training looks like

19:29 – The psychology of injuries

21:23 – Tips to stay concentrated on diet for weeks

27:18 – Tested positive for COVID-19

33:12 – When women were willing to share these stories, good things happen

38:43 – Meaningful projects

39:29 – Advice for anyone who is running a marathon or has their sights set on running a marathon

Where to find Anna Liptak

Website: https://hisandhertime.com.au/

Instagram : @HisandHerTimeHealthandFitness

Instagram: @adventuretimetravelau

Instagram: @iamnotarunnerau

Facebook: @itstimeforyou

Facebook: @adventuretimetravelau

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