125. The Science of Sleep- Unveiling the Secrets for Peak Performance with DR. AMY BENDER


125. The Science of Sleep- Unveiling the Secrets for Peak Performance with DR. AMY BENDER

Think you know everything about a good night’s sleep? Think again! Join us in our latest episode as Dr. Amy Bender reveals eye-opening truths about sleep that could be the game-changer for your health and performance.

Dr. Amy Bender is a leading figure of sleep science, blending academic expertise with real-world application. As the Founder and Principal Sleep Strategist at Sleep In To Win and an Adjunct Assistant Professor of Kinesiology at the University of Calgary, she’s at the forefront of developing personalised sleep strategies that empower everyone from executives and athletes to everyday individuals.

Dr. Bender’s research doesn’t just live in the lab; it’s about real-world impact. From empowering executives and athletes to optimising the sleep of everyday people, her personalised sleep strategies are making waves.

🌙 Sleep Stages: Unpacking the complexities of different sleep stages and their impact.

🏃 Sleep and Athletic Performance: Practical tips for athletes to enhance performance through better sleep.

Caffeine and Sleep: strategising your coffee for performance while maintaining quality sleep.

🚴 Sleep Strategies for Endurance Athletes: Essential recovery tips for sustained athletic performance.

🍷 Alcohol and Sleep: Examining how alcohol consumption affects sleep quality.

This episode isn’t just for the sports enthusiasts; it’s for anyone eager to up their sleep game. Dr. Bender’s down-to-earth advice, mixed with our lively conversation, makes this episode a must-listen for anyone looking to tap into the power of sleep.

Tune in to find the key to unlocking a better night’s rest and a more energised day!

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Where to find Dr Amy:

Website: http://sleepintowin.com/

Instagram: @sleep4sport

Instagram post: https://www.instagram.com/p/Cz-iERpuvk8/?hl=en

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