117. How to Recover From a Running Injury w Dr. Jason St.Clair

Ever wondered how to bounce back stronger after a running injury?

Join me in this episode as I sit down with Physical Therapist Dr. Jason Sr. Clair. We dive deep into structuring workouts around injuries, allowing you to train without compromising recovery or fitness gains and return from injuries in peak condition.

We also tackle the most common ‘running’ injuries, from Achilles tendinopathies to shin splints and ITB syndrome. Plus, we explore the mindset required to navigate these challenges successfully. If you’re a runner, this episode is a must-listen, packed with invaluable tips, tools, and strategies to help you cultivate a resilient body for a long and healthy running journey.

Where to find Dr Jason St.Clair:

Website: www.risesportspt.com

Instagram: @drstclairdpt

Instagram Posts referred to in the episode:

Powerful trunk rotation is a MUST: https://www.instagram.com/p/CxnrkELrR8A/

Uncomfortable in other movements:


Narratives and bias:


Better running does not come from ONLY running:


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