115. In the Pursuit of Extraordinary Potential: Olympian Eloise Wellings’ Inspiring Journey and Impact


115. In the Pursuit of Extraordinary Potential: Olympian Eloise Wellings’ Inspiring Journey and Impact

In this episode, I am honoured to sit down with the remarkable Eloise Wellings, a two-time Olympian and five-time Commonwealth Games competitor. Eloise boasts an impressive track record of consistently achieving top-10 finishes in the women’s 5000m finals, demonstrating her exceptional endurance and dedication to her sport.

After welcoming her second child, Sonny, in late 2019, Eloise made the choice to shift her focus to road marathons as her top priority.

Her marathon debut at the 2021 London Marathon, where she clocked an impressive 2:29.42, marked the fastest-ever Australian debut. She has since set a personal best of 2:25:10 in Nagoya in 2022 and achieved a 4th-place finish in a memorable Birmingham Commonwealth Games.

Eloise’s athletic achievements are only part of her inspiring story, as she is also the co-founder of the Love Mercy Foundation, alongside Ugandan Olympian Julius Achon, and conducts transformative workshops through Marathon State of Mind with Rory Darkins.

Tune in to gain insights into the mindset of a true champion and learn about her incredible work beyond the track.

Where to find Eloise:

Instagram: @elzywellings

Website: https://www.eloisewellings.com.au/

Love Mercy Foundation Website: https://www.lovemercyfoundation.org/

Love Mercy Foundation Instagram: @lovemercyfoundation

Marathon State of Mind Website https://www.marathonstateofmind.com/

Marathon State of Mind Instagram: @marathonstateofmind

Marathon State of Mind Podcast: Marathon State of Mind

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