109. Fit To Save; A Firefighter’s Journey to Lifesaving Wellness w RACHAEL CLOUGH


109. Fit To Save; A Firefighter’s Journey to Lifesaving Wellness w RACHAEL CLOUGH

Rachael Clough is on a mission to bring wellness to the forefront of first responder health, recognising the importance of physical and mental well-being in a demanding profession.

Rachael’s inspiring journey combines her passion for firefighting and fitness, bringing physical and mental well-being to the forefront of the first responder community. From tailored fitness programs to stress management techniques, Rachael shares her expertise in empowering fellow firefighters to lead healthier lives.

We dive into

  • Stress and the different types of stress that impact our well-being
  • The unique stressors faced by first responders.
  • Valuable insights and strategies for managing stress, drawing from her experience as a firefighter and personal trainer
  • Her 3 pillars of good health

Gain a deeper understanding of how stress impacts our health and the strategies you can take to build your awareness of the stressors in your life, how to manage different types of stress and thrive in life. Join us as we explore Rachael’s unique approach to uniting firefighting and fitness, all while equipping individuals with the tools to conquer stress and achieve optimal well-being.

Where to find Rachael:

Website: www.rachaellynnefitness.com

Instagram: @rachaellynnefitness

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