101. NICKS WILSON – Unlock Your Movement Potential with a Stretching and Flexibility Program


101. NICKS WILSON – Unlock Your Movement Potential with a Stretching and Flexibility Program

Do you think stretching is just for yogis and dancers? If you’re sceptical about the value of stretching, you shouldn’t be! Stretching and Flexibility coach Nicks Wilson will tell you that regular stretching is essential for anyone looking to improve their movement longevity, build strength, and prevent injury.

During our conversation, Nicks shared why it is so essential for both strength and flexibility and emphasised that stretching is not just for athletes or those who are already flexible. In fact, stretching can benefit anyone, regardless of age or fitness level.

Nicks talks about:

  • The benefits of stretching for building strength.
  • The lack of understanding about the proper techniques and methods for stretching by health pros
  • The importance of programming for specific goals
  • She breaks down the attributes of a front and side split
  • The secret to achieving your flexibility goals

Nicks is clearly passionate about the benefits of stretching, and she has a wealth of knowledge and experience to share with those who are interested in improving their overall movement and fitness. Check out the links below to the videos for front spilts and side split tutorials.

Where to find Nicks:

Instagram: @flexibilitypixie

Front Split breakdown:




Side Split breakdown:




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