92. Ultimate Tips for Performing At Your Best and Thriving In Life – Part 1

92. Ultimate Tips for Performing At Your Best and Thriving In Life – Part 1

These are the biggest, bestest, greatest, need-you-in-my-life-right-now, tools, tips and strategies from every episode from season 3 all in one place right here… well actually it will be 2 places because this is part 1 and you’ll hear part 2 next week.

I thought it would be such a great way to compile all the amazing advice from elite athletes, coaches and health experts from all around the world, and if you missed an episode and loved the advice from a particular guest that you missed, then you can listen to the rest of the episode for more awesomeness!

In this episode you’ll hear from Ultraman World Champion Richard Thompson, Olympian Genevieve Gregson, Advanced Clinical Education Founder Shaun Brewster, Vagus Nerve Specialist Jessica Maguire, Running Coach Paul MacKinnon, Women’s Health Scientist Dr Stacy Sims, Neuroscientist and psychologist Julia Eyre, Oxygen Advantage Master instructor David Jackson, Fitness coaches and gym owners Matt Hunt and Alex Menchin, Paralympian Sarah Walsh and Fitness Coach and social media influencer Tara LaFerrara.


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