Wowee, can you believe it? It’s that time of year when people go shop crazy, work is on overload and a fat guy in a red suit decides whether you’ve been naughty or nice. Yep, it’s the silly season all right. The days are flying right before our eyes and stress levels are increasing by the second. So the question shouldn’t be ‘have you finished your Christmas shopping?’ but rather Are you taking some time out for yourself?’

Jana has taken the time out to give you a few quick tips on how to stay active during this crazy time and shares what she and Jackie do to keep the balance throughout their days.

In a fast paced world where busy work, study and social events can become overwhelming, what do you do to keep a healthy balanced lifestyle?

Everyone experiences times when stress accumulates and it feels impossible to manage all responsibilities at once. In busy times like these, we need to take time to breath, balance and re-energize.


Today, with facebook, instagram and you tube,you can get access to personal trainers all over the world! This can make it hard to know what to do and how well the instruction is. Fortunately Jana and Jackie have a collection of movement workouts that are under 10 minutes. Here, Jana and Jackie demonstrate an 8 minute core stabilising strength workout. It’s simple, quick  and effective.

Have you ever thought about walking or cycling to work? Live too far from work or uni? No problem, drive half way and walk the other half. The walk will kick start your body systems in the morning and will give you time for yourself and help you to unwind after work.

Go for a quick walk after you have had your lunch and take the stairs instead of the lift or elevator, squeeze in a nice stretching session while you talk on the phone, book a massage to help you with achy muscles and use this time to ‘take a break’.

Nourish your body

Especially in times of stress we tend to neglect our diet, though it is the time we need sufficient nutrients most. Accumulated stress can have negative impact on our health, and it is through these times we need to keep our immune system strong. Don’t cut your veggies out of your meals and have fruit and a few nuts as a snack instead of a chocolate bar and don’t forget to drink water.

No time to prepare meals? The time you save looking for a car park, choosing a take away meal and waiting for it to be prepared or delivered, you can use and prepare quick fresh meals yourself. Use the time and recall the day or catch up with your partner, family or friends while you fix up food together. You still think it would take more time and effort? Have you ever made fresh cold rolls yourself? Cut up your favourite vegetables or whatever you can find in your fridge and roll it up in rice paper. Voila! Finished in five minutes 😀

You can save time and organize your breakfast the night before. Ever tried overnight oats? Throw oats into a jar/container and mix in milk, juice or yoghurt and leave it over night in the fridge. Just top it of with honey, fruit and seeds in the morning and a delicious breakfast is served.

Need to fire up that brain? Pop all this in a jar then top with milk in the morning;

Rolled oats (b vitamins to bring stress levels down), banana (slow release energy), blueberries (glucose for brain power), LSA (omega 3 for brain function).

oat jar

Nurture your soul

Take some time to balance your busy life and re-energize. Allow yourself a sleep-in on Sunday, go for a fun bike ride on the weekend, a walk along the Torrens, play with the kids on the beach, do a fun yoga session, take a stroll through a market, walk mount lofty etc.  Those little moments to take a breath will give fresh energy.

Jackie’s favourite things to do.

I love being active and outdoors. Exercise is a big part of my life and I always feel great after a workout. My favourites are a hard strength session with my PT, or RIP and TRX training at the b3 studio. If I’ve had a massive week (physically and mentally) I like to get out and walk through the park with my husband and then chill out at a local cafe reading. I also love to write when I get the chance.

jackie in tree

Jana’s favourite things to do.

In case you have not guessed it, I love finding balance through Yoga. I do love using the Christmas break to relax more and enjoy eating all of the food but a regular Yoga practice is just part of my life. Recently I have also increased my Meditation routine and find this very beneficial to stay calm in the most stressful (e.g. Christmas shopping or rushing from one lunch to another) situations.


It’s so important to take the time to look after you. We all have our own ways to de-stress, and nurture our mind and body. Do what feels good for you and stick with it. When we look after ourselves, we are better able to look after each other.