what our clients say

“I have been a regular client of Jackie for quite some time and to say I rate her highly would be an understatement. My full-time profession is coaching Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu(BJJ) and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). It’s a rather unique occupation but also a very physical one and this means that any ethical method of enhancing recovery is something I greatly appreciate. Having also served as Strength & Conditioning Coach to numerous elite athletes over the last 20 years it is in both of these capacities that I highly recommend Jackie’s services to my athletes and to anyone else who may be looking for a brilliant Remedial Massage Therapist.”

guy playing football

“Balancing full-time work with the demands of semi-professional football can certainly be a challenging and time consuming task, where the importance of recovery can sometimes be overlooked. The physical demands of SANFL football are quite significant, and there isn’t often a week where I don’t finish a game without some kind of ‘niggle’ or ‘knock.’ Fortunately for me, the b3 team are located just a few doors down from my office and offer a great range of services that can be accessed and booked through the “Mind Body” app. This enabled me to log in and quickly find a time in my busy schedule to get the treatment necessary to enable me to continue to perform at my best throughout the season. Jackie and Jana are both extremely professional, provide a great massage service, and will continue to be a valuable resource to keep me performing at my best. 2016 was the first season in which I didn’t miss a game due to injury, and I think they played a big part in this.”


“B3 massage and movement take care of everything – they help me build and maintain strength and agility, and help heal me when I’m broken. If you want it, they’ll always offer just the right amount of wise advice too – they’re never pushy. And when I’ve let things slide, they help get me back on track without judging me.”



“I can’t thank Jackie enough for her treatment during the Fringe Festival. I had a crook back and some other small issues and she sorted them all out within a couple of sessions. The studio and staff are very welcoming and extremely professional. Its difficult to find a masseuse with her expertise when on the road, but Jackie contacted me knowing we where in town for fringe and kindly offered her services. Thanks Jackie 🙂 ”


“I have been attending b3 massage and movement for remedial massage therapy for several years. Jackie is knowledgeable and supportive. Because of her I have run 5 marathons and 43 half marathons and done all the in between training.

I have been injured many times along the way and Jackie works in close consultation with my physio when that occurs. My physio thinks she’s pretty clever! ( and so do I!)”


“remedial massages coupled with individually tailored tips about stretches and posture have been such a help for my chronic neck and back pain. jackie has such a warm, helpful, non-judgmental approach which has encouraged me to maintain lifestyle changes that i had not previously sustained when accessing other massage/physiotherapy services. i have unreservedly recommended jackie to others with chronic pain and will continue to do so.”



“b3 massage and movement has been a critical component of my training plan for many years now. Jackie tailors each massage to my requirements at the time allowing me to manage extended periods of high mileage training which has led to me being able to achieve my racing goals. The advice b3 are able to provide on how to manage my body between massages has also been extremely valuable. I highly recommend including b3 massage and movement in your training plan.”


“ I’ve been going to see Jackie at B3 for longer than I can even remember. Considering my own, personal disregard for doing the right thing by my body, I absolutely rely on her to keep it working against the odds, so I can continue to do the stupid things I like to do so much. I’ve genuinely lost count of the specific things she’s helped me through, but there’s been everything from ankle, leg, hip, back and neck injuries as i’ve hiked, climbed, run, tripped, fallen and crashed my way around the world. I’m honestly not sure where I’d be without her. Or more to the point, I AM sure where I wouldn’t have been. Which is half the places I made it with her help. Not only is she amazing at what she does, she happens to be a damn fine person as well. The only reason I wouldn’t recommend her more highly is because I’d hate for so many people to go see her that I can no longer get in when I need to.”


“I spent many years searching for the right masseuse, and once I found Jackie I knew I’d hit the jackpot!

Jackie is so intuitive to how my body is feeling, where the issues are stemming from (not just where it hurt) and would treat me accordingly at my appointments.

The mixture of massage and cupping was really good for my body and I have had some really great improvements from the massage.

Jackie is so knowledgeable and always talking through the what/why/how which I really appreciated as I could get a deeper understanding of what was happening with my body and what I could also do at home/gym to help improve areas as well.

Can’t recommend Jackie enough!!”



“I’ve been seeing Jackie at B3 massage and movement for remedial massages since I began training for my first marathon. My treatments have been an important part of my training plan and ensuring that I get to the start line injury free and in the best shape possible. After my races I’m then straight back to Jackie who is a key part of my recovery and this helps me to get straight back into training. With Jackie’s assistance I’m now training for my 9th marathon and have also completed a number of ultras.

Jackie is a lovely person who makes you feel very comfortable and at ease. Every visit is tailored to target specific sore, tight or weak spots. She has hands and elbows that will release the tension in any muscle that is affecting your training or everyday activities. After your treatment you’ll leave B3 massage and movement feeling relaxed and stress free. Tips and advice on how to continue self-treatment at home using stretches, foam rollers or spikey balls is also freely given and helps to further extend the benefits of the massage given. I’ve been seeing Jackie for massages for 4 years and that should be enough evidence to show that I truly benefit from the quality treatments that Jackie provides.”

nyc marathon

If you work or live in the Adelaide CBD and want a great massage therapist, b3 is the way to go. I’ve just ran my first marathon, with the regular massages and stretching advice I received from b3 being a major factor in my training preparation and recovery throughout the year.


“Discovering B3 really was life-changing for me. I work in a fast-paced IT environment, and have a long commute to work most days. I’m naturally a pretty tense person, prone to anxiety, so after a day sitting in front of a computer I’d guess I’m a 9/10 on the difficulty scale for any massage therapist!

Jackie is highly skilled, and works her magic on my back, neck and shoulders. Providing movement classes like yoga, stretch and barre is such a perfect fit to go with the massage services.

My only negative is that she’s such an awesome and hilarious human being, that sometimes I’d be talking and laughing so much during my massage that I’d forget to relax properly, LOL.

Highly recommended! 🌟”


nyc maratthon 2

“I started coming in to see Jackie at B3 as my training program ramped up for the 2016 New York marathon. After my first visit I realised I had made a good choice, Jackie really knows her stuff and as vague as my directions were, she knew exactly where my body was tight and what needed work. My fortnightly massage soon became a crucial component of my training.

I had previously considered massage/physio as something I may need to do if I was injured or something wasn’t right. I quickly learned that regular visits to B3 were actually allowing me to complete my long runs more freely. I was using my massages to set me up for my long runs, but also to help me recover after I had scheduled a hard run.

I am certain that the assistance from Jackie made all the difference and ensured I completed my 20 week training program and marathon injury free.

New York was my 10th marathon – I just wish I had known about the great work that B3 do when I started out my running all those years ago!

I have since become aware of the great reputation that Jackie and the team at B3 have amongst the running community in Adelaide and can’t recommend them highly enough “


“The therapists have a great passion and deep knowledge of body mechanics and therapy solutions for injuries. They have helped me rehab back to run a half marathon and also contributed to easing my migraines and back problems from office work. I always feel like I’ve done my body a favour after a visit to B3.


“finding b3 massage and movement has been a life saver and i can’t recommend them highly enough. if you want intelligent, caring, dedicated, highly skilled and capable treatment, massage and movement classes, look no further.
my only regret is not going more often.”


“I am in my 50s and am a physically active person. But some things just weren’t quite right and this led me to B3.

Firstly, before starting with B3 I was really disappointed with my biomechanics. I had difficulty maintaining weight. I had chronic pain due to poor posture and poor core strength and this was preventing me from maintaining my previous running routine. I was feeling stressed out about my physical form. For four years I had adhered well to programs at other Pilates or OT clinics but was disappointed to have no positive transferable gain.

Secondly, B3 ticked all the boxes – having on offer stretch therapy, massage, movement, and yoga. Their attention to ongoing professional development is noted. Their location in the CBD was perfect and the initial consult inspired me with confidence.

B3 staff maintain their awareness of my specific yet ever-changing needs. This is a very important point. Every week they continue to progress me. They haven’t let me tread water; their program delivery (including a home program) has been constantly tailored to ensure my success. They actively and effectively apply new skills from PD and have effectively accommodated my recent diagnosis of osteoporosis, maintaining significant ongoing progress for me.

Staff passion, professionalism, persistence, tenacity, attention to detail and problem solving are apparent during every session. Whenever they observe that I have poor form or an additional need it is noticed, noted and worked on in a patient and persistent manner over time and all gains are celebrated in a way that respects and encourages me.

Since working with B3 I have reached my initial goals – effective and efficient stair climb biomechanics, return to my previous running schedule (5k 3 times a week), weight gain and I am seriously progressed with scapular stability – no mean feat! My biomechanics, my posture, my strength and execution of day-to-day tasks have all gone ahead in leaps and bounds. Every week I am pleased to note additional gains in strength and agility both within my sessions and in my day-to-day experience.”

Jill, 50

I love the feeling of relief and calmness I get after a massage from Jackie at B3 Massage and Movement. Any twinges or discomfort I might have been experiencing is resolved – her technique is firm when necessary, but always comfortable, and so effective in clearing out tension and tightness. I haven’t found anyone who can surpass her technique, her lovely manner, or her genuine care and concern for her clients well-being.


“I started seeing Jackie for her stretch classes. I didn’t realise how much I needed these classes, they were amazing and my body felt flexible and stronger after each class. From here I started seeing her for massages, and my goodness they were fantastic!! She used different techniques to help you get the most out of your massage is fabulous.

My only regret was that I did not see her more regularly while Jackie was in Adelaide.”