The Secret to Choosing Your Niche For Long Term Success!

One of the biggest mistakes a massage therapist can make is trying to appeal to everyone. We became massage therapists because we have a deep desire to help heal the body. I get it, you want to help as many people as you can. But as Meredith Hill said, “when you speak to everyone, your speak to no one.”

It’s a concept that every business owner must think about when starting out and as RMT’s we naturally want to help as many people as we can. The problem with this is, there is no differentiating aspect as to why someone should choose you over another RMT. When someone lands on your website or picks up your flyer, within seconds they should think, “wow, this is exactly what I need!” People want to know that your service is the perfect fit for them. That you are the answer to all of their problems.. ok not all their problems but the ones you can specifically solve.

So let’s break it down. What is a niche exactly?

A niche is basically a specific market.  You identify specific needs, wants, and requirements and deliver a solution aimed at solving these problems.

For example, when I first started out, I knew I wanted to work with athletes. I moved into my first practice location which was within an athletics stadium. Because of this, I decided to narrow down my niche further and choose to work with runners. My message was clear. I helped them with their recovery so that they could continue to train at the best and perform at their best.

What does this mean?

When you niche, it makes your message clear. Everything that you do will revolve around solving a specific problem or servicing a specific clientele. It also helps you become a specialist. This is important as it helps you capitalise on your unique skills, credibility and knowledge. It also helps to build you as a brand and branding yourself plays a vital role in positioning yourself in your market.

Your marketing materials and messaging will also become clearer and easier to write. Creating content, whether it’s social media content, blog content, video content or email marketing, whatever it is, it’s suddenly obvious who you are serving. 

What to consider when niching.

1. Knowledge and Skills

Your knowledge and skills are your most valuable asset which will help you become a trusted authority within your niche. Share what you know and more importantly how it can be applied to solve your clients problems.

2. Passion

If you choose a niche because you think it will make you money then you are going about this all wrong. Being passionate about your niche will not only help you to enjoy your work but it will keep you striving to be better and find ways to continue to service your clients to the best of your ability. This will keep them coming back and telling their friends about your service.

3.  Authenticity

Be You. Find your brand voice and thread it through all of your marketing and messaging. Clients will respect and appreciate seeing and hearing You. Remember, we are in the business of people and if you sound like a robot, clients will feel disconnected and your message will be lost.


“We are in the business of people and if you sound like a robot, clients will feel disconnected and your message will be lost.”

4. Collaborations

This is under-utilised by many RMT’s. Collaborating with health professionals or other businesses that also serve the same niche, is a fantastic way to expand your reach and give your business/brand a boost in authority. When you are seen to be working with other health professionals, you are more likely to be chosen for your services because of this affiliation. You gain a “trust” factor because they already buy and trust the associated business or health professional.

So, do some research and see who you could potentially work with to provide a mutually beneficial referral system or marketing opportunity.

5. Where to look?

Knowing who you serve will help you know where to look. How you ask? If you decide to serve runners, you know you can find them at running events, running clubs, running Facebook groups, running organisations, running shops etc. Having a presence in these areas is a great way to build your profile, make new connections and show potential clients why you are an authority in your field and what sets you apart from others.

They look like pretty good reasons to me. What do you think?

Honing in on your Niche is truly the way to go to make your life (and marketing efforts) easier and we are lucky enough to be Massage Therapists in a time where massage is recognised as a key component in assisting recovery, performance, mental and emotional wellbeing and rehab management just to name a few. So, I hope you can see now, why differentiating yourself from others is so important and how Niching can do that for you.

So let’s re-cap. Finding a niche can help you:

Stand out from others

Improve your offering (to be specific to your client)

Simplifies your marketing and content creation making it easy to speak directly to your client

Gives you the opportunity to collaborate with other businesses also serving your niche

Makes it easier to find clients


So that’s it. Have questions? Let’s chat! Email me with any questions you have and make sure you say hi over on Instagram.

Need to Niche?  Download the free resource Success is in Your Niche.

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