Let Your Winter Blues Light You Up!

Chilly, freezing, frosty, cold!! So many words to describe this glorious season. It can make you feel alive as you step outside into the biting chill… OR if you’re anything like Jackie and Jana, you’d prefer to hibernate until the Sun shines again? Well never fear because Jana has a few words of wisdom on how to get through this chilly season.

So often our mood, routines and motivation change with the weather as well. As it gets colder we become less motivated to get up early and go for a run or ride, food becomes more comforting, social gatherings get replaced by a hot tea and a blanket on the couch. All the above sound pretty good to me ;), BUT it is easy to fall into a trap where we become ‘too lazy’ and it becomes harder and harder to motivate ourselves to get moving.

If the need for easy comfort food replaces all our delicious healthy habits, we will end up feeling sluggish and not motivated. The replacement of our run or gym session with a session of couch-surfing will leave us lethargic and unmotivated and the lack of movement will make our joints and muscles stiff and sore. Since I have not mentioned the lack of motivation enough, the cold and dark mornings and evenings are not helping to get us out of the house either. So especially in winter it is important to motivate ourselves to work against that winter blues spiral.


What is it that makes you feel good? Is it that morning run or meeting friends for lunch or getting dressed up for dinner? Yes it is cold but good news is, not even the weather is stopping you from doing what makes you feel good. Need that extra motivation for your morning run? Ask a friend. Chances are that they are in the same situation and are happy to have a workout buddy to get them out of the house. Call up a friend or take a colleague on a lunchtime coffee and sit rugged up in the sun or go for a walk. Grab that nice looking winter outfit and that coat that you rarely get to wear and meet your love, family or friends for a dinner date. It is easier to motivate each other and these shared experiences will double the joy you are experiencing.

Learn something new. Always talking about taking up a new hobby or learning a new language? Why not now, winter is the perfect time to learn that language you always wanted to learn or join that philosophy course or join that pottery class. And in case you are taking up German, I am happy to practice speaking with you 😉 Treat yourself to that weekend trip away or the hot stone massage you have always wanted to try or just a day trip to one of the colourful botanical parks.


Like to cook? Good news is that the farmers markets are open even in the cold and shopping there does not only support local producers but also helps eating seasonal. Your imagination on what to cook will be stimulated while shopping and most of the farmers have great ideas on what to make out of their produce as well. Selecting produce and preparing meals already stimulate the digestive system in anticipation of the wonderful meal to come. Why not make it a special occasion, just because, and invite friends to share the meal or get dressed up and light candles with your lover or family. Not too much of a cook yourself? Instead of just take away, go out for dinner. Get dressed up and feel special and pretty and let the waiting staff and chef of the chosen restaurant spoil you with their creations. Or if it has to be the take away, present it nicely and get out of your comfy home clothes anyway and feel wonderful and special. You might even want to have a picnic on the rug next to your fire place or light candles around it.



Get those endorphins released and that blood pumping. The cold and dark might not be as inviting to go for your usual run or bike ride but a workout buddy can make it a lot more fun and manageable. Or have you ever tried a group class? Join a Pilates or TRX class to get those muscles and joints moving or join a Yoga class to not just sooth your body but calm your mind. You might need to give yourself that little bit of extra pep talk to get out of the house but you will feel much better and more alive after.The beauty of winter are those cosy nights in with a blanket on the couch but do not get lethargic and stiff there and nurture, nourish and move yourself to experience all the wonders of winter.