JORDANNA LEVIN – How to manifest the life you want

Jordanna shares her incredibly powerful manifestation equation so that you can live the life you want. Her philosophy and practice is simple and anyone who is willing to take full ownership of their life and circumstances truly has the power to have anything and everything their heart desires… but what does it take? She shares all in the interview.

Jackie: Jordanna Levin thank you so much for chatting with me today. I’m super excited to talk about your book, “Make it Happen” and all things manifestation but before we get into it, tell us a little bit about you and your career and, and how you came to eventually write the book “Make it Happen”?

Jordanna: Well thank you for having me, um look ah, I’ve, I’ve led a very varied life am to get me up into this point, but my background is journalism first and foremost, I studied journalism and I worked as a journalist for many years but mainly in the food publishing industry and um I kind of worked my way up the ranks of all the food mags, and I kinda got to the top and I just wasn’t enjoying it and so I thought I’m gonna go out on my own and do some freelance work, so I did, and you know when your working for yourself, I think you start to, kind of work out what things really interest you outside of the scope of what you actually do for work. And I started kinda dabbling in some of the things that I’d always been brought up learning, which was about the moon and spirituality and manifestation but because I had come from quite a corporate background and I deem myself to be a really super practical person, I felt like there was a gap in the market for spiritual teachings being kind of lost on people who do have a really practical mindset and so I kind of um, I took my writing abilities and decided to do something with it. And, am, that’s how “Make it Happen” was born, and a lot of the other work that I do around the moon

Jackie: I love how you’ve said have the practical side of it because I know a lot of people can look at the word manifest or manifesting in sort of think potentially woowoo or even going back to you know the secret and that that law of attraction and all that so what is manifesting and, and what are the differences between, between the two?

Jordanna: Well ah I mean I think the simplest way to break manifestation down, is to say that it is taking ownership of a future that you desire so something that you wanna create for yourself and taking responsibility for that. The secret and you know, Abraham and Esther Hicks, that is also definitely manifestation. What I found though, as I was trying to follow those teachings was that there were big gaps in it, um that just made it feel a little bit too woowoo or magical, or by chance and not that you yourself had the potential to actually make it happen so take the actions steps and and take the responsibility yourself

Jackie: Yeah taking ownership absolutely

Jordanna: Yeah

Jackie: And so in your book, “Make it Happen”, you’ve got an equation

Jordanna: Yes

Jackie: Tell us about that?

Jordanna: So the equation was basically a way to break down the teachings um in a format that people could continually come back to so that they understand. And the way that the manifestation equation works is it’s:
Thoughts + Feelings + Actions + Faith = Successful Manifestation
And it works like a math sum in that, the sum is the total of its parts, so every single part of that equation has equal weight in order for manifestation to occur and all four parts made to be working together in unison ‘cause I found for a very long time that you know I would think the good thoughts and I would feel the good feels but I probably didn’t have faith that it would actually happen and I wasn’t really taking any actions steps that were aligned with those thoughts and feelings. And then sometimes you know, we’ll be taking all of the action but our thoughts are saying something completely different and we have zero faith in what’s possible for us so its like if you can if you can have all four components working together then I really do believe that your chance of manifestation is increased

Jackie: I’d love to break that down a bit more because I mean it all like, individually it all makes sense and and I think am if anything, the ‘action’ probably sounds the most easy, well sounds easy right but you know, hard for some people to do but if we

Jordanna: Yeah

Jackie: But if we look at all of it?? I, for me in particular I would go with, with faith. What does that look like, and, and how do I really, how do I, how do I believe something? and, and, put faith out there in, in the universe?

Jordanna: Yeah, look, faith is the trickiest part of the equation to teach I think. Faith can be looked at on a few different levels, there’s a faith that something greater than you is working with you so you know, I call it the universe but some people might call it god or you know creator or whatever it might be. Just knowing that there is a force outside of you that is looking after you and has your best interest in mind. I think many of us fall into this pattern of feeling that the world is against us and it’s sort of flipping the switch on that. And then also having a deep level of faith in yourself and I think the faith piece when it comes to self comes down to worthiness, like ah do I feel like I’m worthy and deserving of the things that I’m trying to create in my life and I, and I do think that, if your level of self worth like, sorry I do believe that your level of self worth and your ability to manifest are directly correlated so in the areas of your life where you feel less worthy I think you will find it really hard to create in that arena but in the areas of your life where you feel worthy and deserving, it’s gonna be a lot easier and things will naturally come in.

Jackie: So, do you think that that’s where we’ve got to start?

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