Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone – Part One with Jackie

As you know, “great things never came from comfort zones”, but we, of course, wanted to put that theory into action! We also wanted to get active through the colder month of July. So, what better to keep each other accountable? Challenge each other...

Jana and I decided to choose activities for each other that, let’s just say, we would not have chosen to do if it weren’t for this challenge. These chosen activities were completely out of our comfort zones and if there is one thing you can count on us for, besides the best remedial massage treatments in Adelaide, it’s that we practice what we preach. If we say you should do something, then you better believe we do it too. (Stretch, exercise, foam roll… yep we do that too!) So, this is what we did and the most important things we learned from this challenge.

Challenge 1 - Lyra

The first time Jana told me about this class, she said she’d thought I’d love it. Little did she know of my teeny tiny little fear of ‘balancing in a metal hoop, 6 feet off the ground with major potential to fall flat on my face’, fear.

So, of course, when we decided to do the ‘Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone Challenge’, Jana gleefully decided that this was to be one of my challenges.

Arriving at Circobats, we were greeted by the energetic Chantelle. She showed us into the room where two metal hoops hung from the ceiling. To be perfectly honest, this scared the bejeezus outta me. It was very intimidating at first but once the crash mats were set in place under the hoops and Chantelle talked me through the basics, my nerves slowly eased. By the end of the session I was able to sit inside the hoop without holding on for dear life, and hang upside down in a fancy leg split. I was super stoked.

Not only did I attempt something that scared me, but I could hang upside down in a hoop and do some fancy tricks I never thought would be possible. I walked away with great satisfaction and a few Lyra kisses… which is what I’m told are the bruises from the hoop!

Thanks to Chantelle who made the session not only fun but instructed the session so well, I felt at ease (as much as you can be when facing your fears!) the whole time in her care.

Challenge 2 - Silks

Another challenge where I was to be hanging off the ground! Yep I’m a feet-flat-on-the-earth kinda girl in case you hadn’t noticed!

This was not as intimidating as Lyra. There’s something about stretchy material that is a lot more welcoming than a metal hoop. Well, that was until our instructor, Alex, climbed and weaved herself into the silks up to the roof and did an incredible pose followed by a drop to the mat. Holy. Moly.

I have to say, the hardest part about the silks for me was trying to tie myself into “locks” so that I could get into poses. Oh, and of course the way the silks strangle your limbs if you haven’t set yourself up properly. Yep, there were a couple of thigh squeezes that let me know I wasn’t in the silks quite right. 

Technically, I found this a little more difficult to grasp than the Arial Hoop.  There is a lot more room for error when trying to wrap yourself correctly in the silks. Physically, I feel this was harder than the hoop as well. Upper body strength and core strength is definitely challenged as well as flexibility. I think that’s what I really liked about the Silks the most. Strength and mobility is key to mastering it.

It was great fun and Alex instructed this session so well and with great patience and encouragement.

Challenge 4 - Crossfit

I must admit, I knew straight away what I was going to suggest as Jana’s challenge. Jana is incredibly flexible and has core strength to boot, but when it comes to high intensity training, she says she “doesn’t have one fast twitch fibre in her body!” This, of course, isn’t true and we have a bit of a laugh about it, but I was  keen to see her smash this challenge and that notion once and for all. 

So off we went to Crossfit Zenith where Nathan took us through a typical crossfit workout which consisted of a strength set of back squats followed by a fifteen minute conditioning round. This included 3 rounds of lateral burpees (jumping sideways over a barbell), deadlifts and rowing.

To say Jana smashed this challenge is an understatement. Not only did she complete everything with gusto, but did it all with a smile! I don’t know anyone who smiles through a crossfit workout…

Challenge 4 - Running

I have worked with all kinds of runners my entire massage career and have great empathy towards those who just don’t find running ‘easy’. No matter the runner I work with, whether they are training for a 100km or those who run the ‘Couch to 5km,’ I can tell you both are incredibly inspiring. It’s why I love what running can do for everyone.

This is why I’m so glad Jana was happy to give running shot with Running Domain coach, Chris Taylor. I’m well aware of Jana’s displeasure for running but I never quite understood it until she told me the story of her running days back in school.

So for this, I’m so proud of her determination to have taken on this challenge. In the spirit of getting out of your comfort zone, she truly succeeded. Not only for taking the challenge on, but for graciously listening to Chris and taking on board all that was said. It can be hard to hear what you could be doing better in any situation in life but Jana listened, applied it and let us film her… LIVE. 

Now THAT, is truly smashing your comfort zone AND then some!

Jana with a smile after the running session with Chris from Running Domain.

Comfort Zones and Lessons

I think the easiest thing in life is to criticise ourselves and put restricting and limiting beliefs on our abilities. I’m not sure why as humans we do this but it’s a lot more common than I’d like it to be. Doing something that scares you, puts you out of your comfort zone and tests you in any way, shape, or form is so healthy. It builds mental and physical strength and resilience. These two qualities are so important in all aspects of life. So, the next time you think you ‘can’t’ do something, or your afraid of ‘failure’ or just ‘afraid’ in general, please try it, do it, conquer it. Get support from friends and family and just attempt that thing. You may not be ‘successful’ the first time,  or feel ‘great’, ‘natural’ or ‘good’ at it, BUT try it and keep going because success is not just doing something well. Sometimes it’s just doing something in the first place. So in Nike’s famous words.

Just do it.


Jackie xo