CRAIG HARPER – Calling BS on the stories You tell yourself

When it comes to human performance and potential, Craig Harper is a straight shooter and is drawn to the complexities and intricacies that make us human. He’s not shy in calling b******t, and he certainly doesn’t mince his words. If you want to learn how to be better, do better, and choose better, then you need to listen to this episode.

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Hey, hey, this is Jackie Tann and welcome to the buddy’s built better podcast. On the show we chat with experts, athletes, coaches and authors to educate and inspire you. We explore the body’s incredible ability to heal, adapt, and evolve so you could crush limitations, reconnect your body and mind and discover your extraordinary potential.

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Today on the show, I chatted with exercise scientist and one of Australia’s leading presenters, writer and educator in the areas of health, high performance, resilience, self management, stress management, addiction and personal transformation, Craig Harper. As an exercise scientist, he has worked with many professional athletes and teams, including St Kilda, football club, Melbourne, vixens, Nolan Phoenix, and a long list of Olympians and world class athletes in a broad range of sports. He’s a straight shooter with a wicked sense of humor. And if you’re easily offended by profanities, then this is probably not the episode for you. There is more than the occasional F word in this episode, but it doesn’t come without the educational or motivational wake up call that we all need. We dig into the psychology of fear, success, overcoming challenges, building resilience, what is self awareness, and how to unlearn the habits that are hardwired into us. I had so much fun chatting with Craig, this episode has it all. And the swear words. Have fun. listening in to Craig Harper. Craig, thank you so much for joining me today. For those who don’t know who you are. Can you give us a spiel, a little background on you?

Craig 02:12
Oh, really? Well. I’m Bogan Melbourne. Anything else?

Jackie 02:17
Great. Perfect.

Craig 02:18
All right. I’m g hamal. So there’s a lot of stuff I’ll give you the dot point so

Jackie 02:26
30 seconds worth.

Craig 02:27
Alright grew up in the tri Valley rural Victoria fat kid. Heaps of issues insecure overthinking all that stuff. Got fit got in shape started working in fitness. Ran gyms owned multiple gyms did a degree in exercise science became a university lecturer wrote a few books a bunch of books in fact, I think I owe nine what else started doing corporate speaking when I was 26, which was 30 years ago. do lots of that. So lots of corporate speaking lots of working with teams and athletes bunch of Olympians I feel clubs, National League netball clubs listen motorsport so in the debates What else? Yeah employed out of 500 trainers right the first PT course set up the first Personal Training Center in Australia. I’m currently doing a PhD in neuropsychology. And I’m fascinated with human beings. I love humans and I love human behavior and I love all that the multi dimensional miss that is asked the psychology emotion physiology relationships, communication connection, the peaks troughs, the pleasure the pain, the joy, the drama, the euphoria, all that shit that makes us humans tick and work and fascinating. That’s what draws me in

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That’s sensational. I think I’ve learned more about 30 seconds and I did the last two weeks binge watching your stuff. You so you’ve worked with obviously incredible people and high performers. I’m fascinated with high performance as well and I really want to start this combo around fear, our fear of failure and insecurities and you know, not being good enough and rejection and judgment. How, how do we recognize that as either ego or something that we’ve learnt growing up?

Craig 04:36
Where you’re only giving me two options? That’s very manipulative of you.

Jackie 04:39
Okay, how many more options are there?

Craig 04:43
I’m only kidding. I’m kidding. So I’m just messing with you. So I mean fee is fees, unavoidable fees and ever present reality of being human? I’m still scared of stuff. I still have fear. I still have ego, I still have bullshit. Still insecure. I still overthink, I still want approval. I still do dumb stuff and good stuff, right? This challenge for us is not perfection. The challenge is, if we’re in this space of wanting to learn and grow and evolve, that challenges improvement, and growth and understanding and insight and, and, you know, courage is not the absence of fear, courage is doing what’s required to get where you want to go or live your values or live your truth or your purpose while being scared. And that’s how you get less scared is by stepping into the fear. Like, we can’t get good at the thing that we don’t do. So, when I first started corporate speaking, I was terrible. A year later, I was slightly less terrible…

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