When Business Gets Hard…

Starting a business can be hard… Raise your hand if you’ve ever felt like going back to your day job. Oh Yeah, I’ve had those days …

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Jackie Tann - Starbucks

School of Starbucks – Why You Should Be Applying These Business Principles To Your Massage Business

On my recent trip to Europe I found that every time I mentioned that I love Starbucks, almost every time, people cringe at me and …

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The Massage Therapists Guide to Branding

As long as you have a logo, colour scheme and fancy business name, you have a brand, right? Nopey nope no. This is a huge misconception. Yes, your logo and colours are part of your brand, but they don’t make up the entirety of it. Let’s look into what makes a strong brand.

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Website Must Haves For Massage Therapists

You have a Facebook page and Instagram account, so that’s all you need right? Wrong, my friend. I say this with love, but if the tech Gods (aka Mr Zuckerberg and Co,) decided to end everything (social media, not the world), then we’d all be in deep sh*t. So yes, you need a website, it needs to do a very specific job and it needs to look good.

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massage coach

7 Ways to Add Value Without Discounting

There are many theories behind discounting. Whether you should or shouldn’t. There is a time when I believe it’s valuable to your business and times where it devalues your business. So sit down, grab a cuppa and let me show you 7 different strategies to add value and get clients booking in. Oh, and did I mention it doesn’t involve discounting and most importantly, doesn’t cost you money? Hallelujah!

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The Secret to Choosing Your Niche For Long Term Success!

One of the biggest mistakes a massage therapist can make is trying to appeal to everyone. We became massage therapists because we have a deep desire to help heal the body. I get it, you want to help as many people as you can. But as Meredith Hill said, “when you speak to everyone, your speak to no one.”

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