When I was thinking of cafe’s who I would absolutely love to have partner with us, Ayla’s cafe was number one on my list. Find out why…

As a regular, I love their food (everything is super tasty and delicious), their service is always friendly and the atmosphere has a welcoming and calm energy to it. Then when I got to know the guys, I loved it even more! Their story is one that motivates me to work hard and practice gratitude everyday. Read on to get to know the beautiful family behind this local business.

Tell us a bit about your background and journey to Adelaide.

We came too Australia on 2012 and my family and I are from Iran. When we moved to Australia, we were thinking about being the part of the community and contribute to it. So after months of research and looking for opportunities and based on our skills, we decided to run a food business which is related to our diet and people needs. We are very concern about the health and healthy food.We took over Joy Discovery vegetarian cafe on 2015 and changed the name to Ayla’s cafe.


Where does the name Ayla come from?

Ayla is my mother’s name and she is our head chef. Ayla’s meanings are hallow of the moon and oak tree and that is where the logo idea comes from.

Tell us about the philosophy/values behind the cafe and the menu?

Our passion at Ayla’s cafe is offering fresh, healthy and daily made food, more than 90 percent of the foods made at the house with the fresh ingredients provided by our locals.

alyas cafe

Most popular dish?

At the moment our fresh juices and main food such as Vegan and gluten free lasagna and Curry of the house are the most popular dishes.We serve everyone with the smile on the face and do our best to make sure everyone feels like home at Ayla’s cafe.

Located at 13 Bent Street, Adelaide. Do yourself a favour and get down to Ayla’s Cafe and enjoy a delicious meal now.

* As a beautifully brilliant b3 client, you can pick up your b3 partners card at the studio, present it to the wonderful staff at Ayla’s Cafe and receive 10% off the menu.