I'm Jackie Tann.

Hey! I'm Jackie Tann.

A Sports (*fanatic) Remedial Massage Therapist, Business Coach and Professional Development Junkie and I am here to empower you to build the Massage Business and Brand that you desire.


My mission is to help female Massage Therapists build a successful massage business and brand.

I never set out to run a business. I remember being over the moon when I had 8 clients… in a week! For me, back in 2007, 8 clients in a week was bustlin! Young and ignorant to what made a profitable and lucrative business, I stumbled along waiting for my next client, day to day, nervous about how to truly get my name out there. But with time my confidence grew and so did my clients.

I have a very deep passion for remedial massage.

I have always been a sports enthusiast, playing every sport in school, but it wasn’t until I started dancing that my passion for movement and biomechanics really took hold. As a dancer I had to make sure that my body could cope with the long hours of practice and back it up with performances where you literally are throwing your body around for 3-8 minutes flat out. But it wasn’t until the day I got back from a rehearsal that my father (a greek cypriot who does not beat around the bush!) told me I had to think about a career. So at the age of 20, I enrolled in a massage course and have never looked back.

Now I get to help others live their passions.

I have had an incredible career. I’ve worked with the best athletes in this country, A-list movie stars and Rockstars from all around the world, all kinds of performers and people just like you and me. 

And, I have to say, it’s an honour to work with every single person that chooses me and my humble little business to help them overcome pain, tightness or simply prepare for what they love most. Like I said, I love what I do and I feel like this is only the beginning!  

So how can I help you?

I’m here to serve. Truly I am. I believe if I had someone like me back when I started out, it certainly would have fast tracked my career! But I wouldn’t change any of it.

So, whether you need:

* A business plan to execute your vision

* Marketing strategies to get more clients

* A strategy to crack 6-figures

* Or simply need the expert guide to building a brand that becomes as famous as David Beckham,

Then it’s time to chat because you have the skills to be brand famous and I can help you get there! Get in touch today and let’s work together to build your dream massage business

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