89. The Year That Was with Jackie Tann – The Most Valuable Takeaways

When I think about previous years, I realise I have never really fully reflected on nor celebrated the wins and all of my new learnings, achievements and pivots. But I want to change that. So that starts here. In this episode, I reflect on all the life-changing advice, knowledge, inspiration, admiration and fun I have had speaking to all guests on the bodies built better podcast in 2022.


Self Reflection: My Most Valuable Takeaways

Jackie 0:10
Hey, hey, welcome to the Bodies Built Better podcast. I’m your host, Jackie Tann. And this is the year in review, yes, I thought I’d do a reflection of this season’s episodes and everything that I’ve learned because if you’ve listened to the last couple of episodes, you’ll know that I’m all about self-awareness and reflection. And they’ve been a big part of, or a big theme of the last few episodes. And so they’re super important. So I hope you are doing a reflection of 2022. And hopefully, looking at all the things that you have achieved and things that you can celebrate this year, as we come to the close of 2022. So I really wanted to start with the most recent topic and theme for me, and that is around self-awareness. This has been such a huge turning point for me and getting to know myself and those around me, you know, an understanding and accepting myself and others, through understanding personality types. It’s just been such a massive eye-opener, and probably the most profound study and work that I’m in the process of doing and learning. And so firstly, I’m so glad that I came across this work through my beautiful friend, Sarah, who I spoke to in Episode 87. So for those of you interested in learning more about personality typing, and, you know, and getting to understand you, if you dare to go there, definitely check out this episode and look into personality theory and typing, because it’s, it’s changed my mind, my life and the way I go about doing things. And if something can have that much of an effect on you for the better, then why wouldn’t you do it?

What is Personality Typing?

Jackie 2:15
So, I mean, again, that’s just my opinion. But, you know, if we dive a little bit deeper into this Personality Typing, I mean, the way I perceive information, and how I use that to make decisions and how others perceive information and make decisions can be so completely different. And, yes, I am aware that whilst we all understand that on a superficial level, the deeper aspects and understanding of this really does empower you with the knowledge to firstly understand yourself, how the cognitive functions influenced the way you think, the way you feel, your strongest functions and the functions that need developing, and how your experiences and conditioning will also play a role in how that function presents and I guess how the healthy versions and unhealthy versions of your personality manifest and we’ll go deeper into that in a moment. But once you understand yourself, and all the nuances that form you as a person, you are then better able to communicate with others, form deeper and more meaningful relationships, understand and accept others for who they are, and what they need to make decisions. That’s true to them. And you will have a deeper appreciation for just how different we all are and how that fits in this world. It truly is the most empowering work I’ve ever done and ever come across. And as for the healthy and unhealthy versions, if you want to know more about this and what it even means, and what it could look like and sound like then check out the episode with Sarah, Episode 87. And at 29:50, that’s where Sarah describes the cognitive functions and what they are and what they mean. And then, if you don’t want to listen to that you can skip to 36:12. So 36 minutes in is where Sarah describes my personality type and I guess the healthy and unhealthy versions of my type and the functions in that so you can go back there and check it out.

The Importance Of Body Awareness And Stretch Therapy

Jackie 4:46
So the next thing I want to talk about is body awareness. I just spoke about self awareness and how that’s played a massive role and impacted my life this year. But I also wanted to talk about body awareness and I, I’ve needed to ask this because this has come up for me recently. When you are relaxing, are you really relaxed? I know you’ll hear that and go, Well, that’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. Or maybe you don’t think that it certainly would have been what I thought to pick in, within, like, “Well, yeah, if I’m relaxing, and I’m relaxed,” but in my experience, I’ll be, for example, watching Netflix or reading. And notice that my breathing is shallow, or I’m holding my breath. Or I’ll notice I’m scratching my face, eyebrows knitted together, or my lips are pursed. Or the one that I’ve noticed the most is my belly is tight. And I remember doing many of Kit Loughlin’s stretch therapy courses. And if you don’t know who Kit Loughlin is, and you’re, you want to get more into stretch therapy, or stretching at least, I did an interview with him back in season one, I’m pretty sure it’s either episode three or four. He’s incredible. And if you’re not aware of his work, look him up. Kit Loughlin stretch therapy. So I’ve done many of his courses over the years. And in each course, he would always mention the belly throughout the stretches, being aware of your belly, and whether it’s relaxed and soft. And he would speak about this. And this was a good indicator of in fact, if you were relaxed and moving through this, the stretch with ease and calm.

Relaxing The Parasympathetic Nervous System: Why It’s Essential For An Effective Stretch

Jackie 6:53
And that is the one thing I feel people tend to misunderstand. And while stretching can be loaded, and it can be uncomfortable–I mean, especially if you’re really tight, then yeah, there’s discomfort. But if you’re not able to perform a stretch, a basic stretch, relax, and get into or switch over into the parasympathetic nervous system, then there really isn’t a point to the stretch. And the reason being, is that if you’re not able to calm the nervous system down, the response or the message that you’re sending to your brain is that you’re not safe. And if you’re not safe, the brain is not letting go and you won’t relax. And that is key to stretching. And of course, there are different types of stretches, depending on your goal and intention. Yes, there are different ways to stretch. But if you’re using stretching to release tension and calm the nervous system, I mean, it’s a beautiful way to do that stretching, can be utilised and can be such a power play in how we incorporate that into our training, our, our daily routine. And, you know, the one thing for me that really stood out is the belly and becoming aware of what, that what that’s doing. Because if it is tight and locked up, it generally means that you’re not relaxing, and you’re certainly not going to be sending those safety signals to the brain.

And that has forever changed the way I check in with myself. I always come back to the belly, is it soft, and relaxed? And am I relaxed in this moment? And that is even just when I’m sitting down eating dinner, or reading or watching TV, or if I’m in bed. I mean, I know that sounds crazy. Even when I’ll do a body scan at times, or realise that I am still passing my lips or when eyebrows frowning, and I’m a woman frowning, I’m about to fall asleep. This has got to be a good place. So those body scans and body checks and body awareness is really crucial to your brain and what messages you’re sending and to your overall well-being.

So check in with yourself. I want to switch over to gut health and quantum biology and microbiome and all this good stuff that I had very low, often knowledge of and around, so for me gut health is the key to feeling my best. I mean it. Does not matter if I am lifting the heaviest I’ve ever lifted. Or if I look good in my new outfit, or if I’ve exercised five times this week instead of three, if my gut does not feel good if I am bloated or constipated or inflamed and in pain, life is terrible. My gut dictates the way I feel no matter what else is going on in life. And yes, I know, external influences the internal and vice versa. So it’s not as simple as saying, this affects that. So fix this and all will be sold.

Our Power To Heal And Accomplish Incredible Things

Jackie 10:37
I get it. We are delicate and intricate human beings. And even though we are strong and resilient, and have the power to do incredible things and heal ourselves. Gut has such a huge impact on our health and immunity. And I had such incredible conversations this season. With Dr. Heather Zwickey around the gut microbiome and how it is influenced by not only what we eat, but also our environment, what we use topically from the body and face creams to deodorant and shampoos. And then my conversation with naturopath Kirsty King was fantastic because she really was able to break down quite a lot of things in terms of diet, the little changes that we can make that are super easy and sustainable. And you know, things like, if you’re someone who eats a microwave, frozen meal, then like no judgement here, but instead of heating it in the microwave in the packet that it comes into, empty that into a microwave-safe bowl first and then heat it. So really simple things like that. making those changes can have a really positive impact. And she also spoke about colon hydrotherapy, and it was such–which I think is not spoken about enough. And I think that’s a little unusual because I think they can be really effective ways of clearing our systems and giving ourselves a restart, so to speak.

Instant Relief from Pain: How Using An Enema Helped Me Take Charge of My Gut Health

Jackie 12:16
There have been a few times since our chat that I have used the enema because as I said before I was dealing with or have been dealing with the gut pain for a little while and, and bloating and it was incredible. Within 45–I think it was 45 minutes, I can’t remember exactly, but you know, when I used the enema, the–the bloating, and the pain was gone instantly. And there was so much relief. So that has really helped me and it’s definitely going to be a part of my gut health routine where I can do a monthly reset, depending on how I feel, of course, depending on how this Christmas holiday season goes, how much I eat. But um yeah, enemas is, is not something that I had ever considered. But chatting with Kirsty has changed all that and experiencing it changed all that. I just feel like it’s such a really easy way to relieve the gut of the symptoms that you might be experiencing. And no way am I saying that that’s going to heal and fix you. But I think it’s certainly a great way to incorporate a healthy option into your routine. So if you are interested and you want to know more about that, then check out episode 83 with Kirsty King. Or if you’re simply interested in just purchasing the enema kit, then contact Kirsty at the Gut Recovery Centre and you can grab yours. It’s such a smart and healthy investment if you’re someone who suffers from gut discomfort. But–and that’s not a joke either. And then there’s but if enemas aren’t your thing, is a little bit out of your comfort zone, then there are so many very easy and practical ways to improve your health, health, improve your health and stimulate your body’s recovery response.

The Most Sophisticated Computer You’ll Ever Own Is Your Body

Jackie 14:43
And when I spoke to Carrie Bennett, she highlighted some, so many of the ways that we can do this and we as a society have forgotten about what we as humans innately need and have done long before TV screens and phones and computer screens kept our attention for up to 12 hours of the day. Basically, the most sophisticated computer you will ever own is your body. The mere fact that using sunlight to charge our bodies on a cellular level, and the many incredible and important benefits that provide for our body, and the energy it produces is crucial to functioning well. Another ridiculously basic and simple element to functioning at a high level is hydration. You know, the amount of people who tell me, they just don’t drink water or don’t feel the need to drink water, or whatever iteration of that is, blows my mind. And yes, I’m aware some foods have a high content of water, but I’m not sure I know anyone who eats enough fruit and veg to supplement the water intake, just saying. So check out episode 82 with Carrie Bennett, if you want to deep dive into how sunlight and the different rays of light can impact your health, and how water is crucial, a very crucial part of our health. And yes, I know that it’s like well, duh, Carrie is incredible at breaking down why that is on a cellular level. And what impacts the water that we drink? Mindblown, honestly, go check that one out. And then we have the Olympians, the Paralympians are the world champions and all the athletes. I look back over the incredible athletes I had the privilege of chatting with in season three, and it truly blows my mind that I got to not only chat with them and talk about their achievements, and the highs and lows of this high pressured life that, you know, not only do they accept but embrace, but I also got to chat with them or you know, behind the scenes, what makes them tick, the why and the passion behind the hours and hours spent training, getting their nutrition, right, getting their recovery, right, and getting their mindset, right. I have learned and continue to learn and be inspired by what–by what makes these incredible people tick and how they keep disciplined and their desire strong to keep getting better and better. To me, they are superhuman, and I am someone who grew up watching pretty much every sport on TV and I played so many sports growing up. And you know, having been a dancer for many years, and someone who has also trained long hours to keep my body strong and mobile. I have such a passion for working with and helping athletes, hence my line of work. But also this fascination around athletes and how they train and how they recover. And you know how they keep their mindset and self-talk in check. And also, as I said before, what drives them in the pursuit of greatness? So for me, being able to chat with all the different athletes that I had the privilege of talking with this year or this season has been so incredible and inspiring and motivating. And I have loved learning more about each of their stories.

Self Reflection: What I’ve Learned From This Season Of The Podcast

Jackie 18:26
It’s been amazing. And lastly chatting with the coaches, the health practitioners, the experts around health, well-being fitness, and mental health, what an absolute honour to share their expertise, and have the opportunity in the first place to even sit down with them and ask them the questions that you have, that I have, and their patients around my curiosity to get the best of their knowledge out in a way that I understand and that you understand and more importantly, that you’re able to apply to your life or training or recovery or diet or whatever it is that you’ve needed. I truly hope you’ve learned so much and have been able to take, and make positive changes in your life and have seen and felt the benefits of those changes. So to end out 2022 Here are a few things that I will take away that I hope you can find helpful to. So firstly, self-awareness is key to greater understanding and acceptance of ourselves and others.

Inspiration is not just a buzzword but can be the catalyst to adventure pleasure presents, or new beginnings. Advice is only good or bad. If and when we do decide to do something with it. And doing something with it also means choosing not to. So for all of you out there saying yes, there is such a thing as bad advice. True, or choosing not to take it is still doing something with it. I’ll let that sit. No feedback is still feedback. rest and recovery will yield better results than training without it. Taking positive action towards your health and well-being, all the way, always trumps a pill. Don’t ignore your emotions, or you will never fully heal and recover. And you are responsible for the energy you bring into a room. That is a Brene Brown quote, and even though I’ve not yet had her on the podcast, or one can dream, this piece of advice stays with me wherever I go, because I want to have a positive impact everywhere I go, along with everyone I come in contact with. And it’s certainly easier at times than others. Yes, I will admit. But when you can actively try to be better and do better. And beautiful things happen. It is a case of the domino effect. So that is my wrap for the 2022 season of the Bodies Built Better podcast. And I will end this with saying that most importantly, it is you that I am so grateful to share this with whether you have listened to one episode 10 episodes or all of them. I cannot put into words, the gratitude that I have to think that anyone is even listening to this humble little podcast makes me so so happy. So thank you. Thank you for being here. Thank you for sharing your time with me. Thank you for sharing this podcast with someone else if you have and thank you. Thank you for being here. Stay safe over this holiday period. Stay awesome. And I’ll catch you in 2023.

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