#31 JACKIE TANN – What happens when we keep ignoring our body’s messages

I decided to start season 2 with my story, because whilst we all like to put on a brave face and weather the storm, the reality is, something’s gotta give. And it did for me and I’m slowly learning how to manage. Did I know all along that my actions and behaviours would result in this? I believe so, but I thought I had no choice. To keep going because I thought the consequences of stopping, taking a break, giving myself time, would mean everything would fall apart. Instead I slowly drove myself into the ground. I had to stop, because in the end my body gave me no choice.

The reason I share my experience is two fold;

1. Because this story of working so hard that we forget about ourselves, about our own health and our own needs is all too common, and that you too, need to take stock of your health, wellbeing and self care.

2. I wanted to give you some insight into who I am and where I started. It’s a very condensed version of my career but my passion has always been to help others.

I believe our body’s are truly incredible. Our ability to heal, adapt and evolve is extraordinary.

Whilst I believe this to be true, nor do I want to be insensitive to those dealing with terminal diseases.

This Podcast is not about false hope but about learning what we are capable of within our control. Nor is this podcast a replacement for medical advice .

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Hey, this is Jackie Tann, and welcome to the body’s built better podcast. On the show, we chat with experts, athletes, coaches and authors to educate and inspire you. We explore the body’s incredible ability to heal, adapt, and evolve. So you could crush limitations, reconnect your body and mind and discover your extraordinary potential.

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Welcome to season two, I am stoked to bring so many incredible guests from who you will learn from and be inspired by and hopefully encouraged to create new habits that will positively impact your health, well being and performance. Because that is, after all, why I started the podcast. So on this first episode of season two of the body’s built better podcast, I will be sharing my story because as someone in the health and wellness industry, I believe it’s my duty to stay at the forefront of the industry by continuously learning, studying, experiencing, educating and inspiring you to live happy and healthy lives. And of course, practice what I preach. But of course, I’m human, and I don’t always get it right. So this is my story.

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It was a balmy evening on a spring night in 1985. No, I’m just joking. We’re not going that far back. We’ll start at 14 years of age, where everyone said to me, that’s a little late to start dancing. Which by the way, is a giant pile of… Shall I just say they were wrong.

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Yeah, he’s a straight shooter. Thanks, Dad! So that is how I got into massage. And needless to say it was the best thing I ever did. I have since worked with countless athletes from weekend warriors to the elite. I’ve worked with elite sporting teams from the AFL A-League, Netball Australia, Cricket Australia. And I’ve also worked with A list celebrities from movie stars to rock stars, pop stars and comedians. And whilst it’s been an incredible journey, it hasn’t always been sunshine and roses.

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